Awakening Woman: Reclaiming the Divine Feminine

A Mini-Retreat for Women

with Linda Dieffenbach, BSW, RMT & Integrated Energy Healer

July 7, 2018 10-5 PM

Come together in this sacred women's healing retreat to embrace the joy of sisterhood as we honor and explore our connection with the divine feminine that lives within each of us. Together, we create a sacred space within which we connect our hearts, lift our spirits, and honor each other. In this space, we create an opening that empowers us to expand our hearts, heal our spirits, tap into our innate wisdom, and embrace the power and beauty that is the core of who we are.

In this one day mini-retreat, you will enjoy:

  • Exploration of the archetypes of the divine feminine through storytelling and imagery
  • Discovering your personal connection with the essence of the divine feminine within through meditation
  • Learning practices to heal and deepen your connection with the divine feminine within
  • Integration through gentle sound healing

All Ages & Levels Welcome.

Fees: $125

Schedule: Saturday 10-5

Meet Your Teacher

Linda is a Holistic Practitioner, Coach and teacher with a background in Social Work.  As the owner of Wellness in Harmony, she has over 15 years of experience in mental and behavioral health and over 10 years experience in Holistic Health & Wellness. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master, Heart IQ Master Practitioner, Acupressure and Chakra clearing practitioner and an experienced workshop teacher.


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