Asana Lab: Chair Pose Adaptations & Variations with Erika Tenenbaum

Wed. January 13th, 7:30–9 PM
$15 or use class card

Chair pose is a “seemingly simple” pose that many people associate with a “regular” yoga practice. Practiced on its own, or as a part of a flowing vinyasa sequence, there are many factors that can contribute to the safe and efficacious long-term sustainable practice of the pose. From the wrists to the ankles and all the major joint and muscle complexes in between, it can be considered a harmonizing experience that highlights a variety of aspects of the physical form. This seminar will break down the different components of chair pose, highlighting important considerations for each person’s individual form, as well as providing embodied awakening exercises to enliven, isolate, and integrate the component pieces into a fully integrated and playful experience.

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