The Spirit of Your Inner Leader

A Retreat with Danny Bader and Bob Butera

At Toji Nature Center, Esterillos, Costa Rica

February 2-7, 2023

Are You a Leader?

Partner? Parent? Friend? Caregiver? Human Being?

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We think you are.

Many people only see Leaders in terms of traditional roles like CEO, Coach, Principal or Teacher. We think it's time to expand that definition.

Anyone offering guidance to others can be a leader - parents, friends, caregivers, social workers, community organizers, influencers, teachers and friends - we all have the potential to help and inspire others. A leader is someone who brings their highests values out from their heart and lives by those values, leading by example.

This kind of leadership begins with awareness born out of stillness. Born out of self-understanding and a desire to make a difference. A vision that comes from living a life of purpose, full of grace and wonder. A belief that a better life is possible and a desire to find new tools, practices and ways of being in the world. This kind of leadership requires deep listening skills, applied resilience and the ability to adapt and respond in real time to rapidly changing landscapes.

This retreat is designed to help you identify and articulate your strongest core values and create a vision for the future of your leadership. You will find inspiration, community and support along the way as you remove obstacles and live into a new leadership paradigm, in alignment with your goals and empowered to share your gifts with the world.

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Experience Stillness, Clarity and Connection

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Join best-selling authors and teachers Danny Bader and Bob Butera for a transformational retreat experience in Costa Rica, where you will discover powerful new ways of thinking and being in the world. Work with these inspirational teachers to identify areas of life where you can turn obstacles into opportunities - places where you achieve your highest potential.

Expand your vision as you take in the ocean views of the beautiful Toji Nature Retreat Center. Spend time in a beautiful natural setting with like-minded individuals exploring exciting new ideas and practices designed to enhance your daily life. Connect with your authentic self in the heart of the jungle through unique nature experiences, swimming, hiking, yoga, meditation, and relaxation practices.

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Your Retreat Guides

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Bob Butera, PhD, Author, Yoga Therapist

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Danny Bader, Author, Inspirational Speaker

Danny Bader is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker whose life was transformed by a near death experience. Danny speaks to audiences nationwide teaching people to invest in themselves, develop vision, and leverage useful thoughts to build momentum in the midst of monotony. His unique perspective and trusted voice has taken him into organizations like Comcast, Merck and Marriott, infusing people with fresh vision and enhancing personal fulfillment.

Danny offers proven tools and exercises to support you in creating the change and growth you’re seeking. With an eye towards meeting life’s challenge with an attitude of applied resilience, he will guide retreat participants to explore new concepts to expand their capacity and perspective.

Bob Butera is a PhD in Yoga Therapy, and the Founder of YogaLife Institute where he has been training Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists for over 25 years. He is the author of 7 books on Yoga and Meditation and a sought-after speaker in the field. He specializes in helping people uncover hidden blocks and transform them into powerful fuel for the growth process. With him, participants will learn how to tap into deep inner calm, focus and stillness in order to unleash bountiful energy and inspiration.

Bob will teach from his latest book, The Yoga Life, with a special focus on on flow state consciousness. He will guide retreat participants through a series of lectures, small group work and practices designed to enhance self awareness, relaxation and connection to nature.

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An Inspirational Retreat Experience

Enjoy spectacular sunsets overlooking the Pacific ocean in the Toji retreat center infinity pool.
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During this retreat you will encounter:

- Daily inspirational learning sessions with Danny and Bob, focused on exploring core values and how to live and express them in daily life actions.

- Deep personal reflection, small group processing and time for Q&A discussions with the retreat leaders.

- Unique non-touristy nature excursions designed to facilitate a feeling of connection and renewal in nature - think beaches, mountains, jungle, waterfalls, wildlife, sunsets over the Pacific Ocean and more!

- Fresh, local food prepared simply from scratch with healthy ingredients to support energy and focus.

- Free time for hiking the onsite trails and lounging by the pool at the Toji Nature Retreat Center.

Look forward to ...

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- Experiencing daily Yoga practices designed to calm the nervous system and clear the mind.

- Exploring breathing and other powerful, yet accessible practices that can be used in your daily life, work and exercise.

- Enjoying powerful mind-focusing meditation practices tailored to your personal goals and needs.

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All of this mind expansion and potential actualization will take place in the beautiful Toji Nature Retreat Center, a peaceful place in nature designed to utilize, reuse, and protect the rich natural resources of Costa Rica.

Located at the center of the cooperative Dos Colinas micro farm and small business community, Toji welcomes its guests to reconnect with nature and themselves. Whether you are visiting to transform your business model, recenter your life, or unite with family around nature, Toji aims for all of its guests to leave happier and more connected to what really matters.

Retreat Pricing and Booking Options

- Fee: $2500 per person, No Refunds

- Limited to 12-14 people. There are 9 single and 2 double rooms available. There is a $500 discount for the second person if you book one of the double rooms.

- Includes: Airport Transfer, beach trips, hikes, lectures, yoga classes, and daily meals.

- All travelers are welcome - no covid related travel restrictions in Costa Rica as of April 2022

- Travelers fly into San Jose - SJO Airport. We recommend booking a direct flight whenever possible. If you can't fly direct, consider packing light with two carry-ons for ease of travel.

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Special Pre/Post Online Zoom Sessions

Designed to help you integrate the retreat experience

- Maximize your retreat experience by participating in a live zoom session ahead of the retreat to help clarify intentions and goals.

- Get to know and connect with other retreat participants ahead of the trip.

- Integrate your retreat experience with post-retreat live zoom session to help bring retreat insights and action steps into daily life.

- Pre/post live zoom sessions are included in the cost of the retreat.

Refund Policy and Travel Requirements

As of April 2022, Costa Rica no longer requires vaccination, a QR code, or the purchase of a health insurance policy to enter the country.

There are no refunds for this event. We recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover the costs in the event of an emergency. We recommend Trawick International

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