Kundalini Reiki Training

with Albert Cochrane, E-RYT-500, LMT & Reiki Master

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What is Kundalini Reiki?

Reiki means “Universal Spirit” in Japanese and comes with the connotation that there is a wisdom, an intelligence, within it. Reiki is a channeling of healthy and harmonious prana/chi/life-force from a higher source through a person that has been attuned to be a conduit for said energies. There is more than one form, more than one source, for Reiki though. Beyond the Reiki that is much beloved and nearly ubiquitous that comes from early 20th Century Japan, a Google search will turn up documents and pages dedicated to all sorts of “Reiki’s”. Kundalini Reiki is one of those. It was brought into this reality by a Scandinavian man named Ole Gabrielsen. A well-known meditator and teacher of meditation, he communed with the spirit of Master Kuthumi, once a great teacher from India, and channeled Kundalini Reiki into practice.

Kundalini Reiki is a channeling of powerful healing energies. It works well in application like Usui Reiki (intuitive laying-on of hands) but it also delves deep into karma and the relationships between things. Kundalini Reiki can be run in “programs” that last from 30 seconds, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes. Some of these programs include an energetic balancing, past-life healing, birth trauma healing, healing relationships with people, places, events, or anything you can think of. As with Usui Reiki, the limit of the practice and application is close to the limit of your imagination.

Kundalini Reiki is a powerful energy and comes in three levels that are received as attunements (“downloads”) in the comfort of your own space at a time that is convenient for you. Each attunement requires only 30 minutes of sitting or lying still in a receptive state. After that, a few simple exercises awakens the gifts within you and then are ready for use in your own transformation or for the healing of others in their personal transformation. Level 1 is said to be as powerful as the master level Usui attunement. As such, this is only being offered to current Reiki Masters.

About this Training

Sign up for the class and meet on the scheduled date. Here you will be introduced to the process of receiving and eventually sending the attunements and you will receive a physical copy of a manual. We will discuss any and all concerns and questions you may have and we will receive the first attunement. Prepare your mind/body/spirit as you would for any initiation and come dressed for comfort. Receiving energy or bodywork or giving yourself a Reiki treatment is highly recommended before beginning this process. Meditating on and spending time considering and connecting with the spirit of Kundalini Reiki is also highly recommended; invite it into your life. If you have any urgent questions, please feel free to reach out to Al or YogaLife. See you at the training!

After completion of this training you will be considered a Master of Kundalini Reiki and will be certified to pass the knowledge of Kundalini Reiki on to others.

Schedule: 1-6 PM

Fees: $200 

Pre-Reqs: Reiki Master Certification, All Disciplines Welcome

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