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The YogaLife Mission

Philosophy. Practice. Education. Inspiration.

YogaLife is a destination for all who desire to learn more about themselves through the ancient art and sciences of Yoga. We offer an adaptive and interactive approach to learning that is focused on the individual, the teachers here are knowledgeable and caring, and the community is warm and welcoming. YogaLife is run by the husband and wife team of Bob and Kristen Butera and is host to an incredible team of world class teachers and practitioners.

Through practical yoga philosophy education, personal inquiry, experiential learning, embodied movement practices, uplifting community interactions and lots of laughter, many of the people we meet in our trainings are empowered by new perspectives and apply the teachings of yoga in all of the various aspects of their life.

For the past 30 years, we have specialized in training yoga teachers and yoga therapists, and have graduated more than a 1000 students who are now sharing the Lifestyle teachings of yoga worldwide. In 2020 we began offering our world class 200 Hour Transformational Yoga Teacher Training and 800 Hour Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training online.


Classical Yoga Roots

The training programs at YogaLife have their roots in a longstanding Classical Yoga heritage from The Yoga Institute of Mumbai, India. This prestigious lineage connects us (and you) to a network of serious, authentic, traditional yoga practitioners throughout the ages and the world. While the main branch of The Yoga Institute is in India, like the YogaLife Institute in the US, there are other centers inspired by the Yoga Institute’s approach all over the world. Together they all work to carry on Shri Yogendra’s vision of bringing the practical applications of classical yoga philosophy and lifestyle practices into the hearts and minds of householders all over the world, guiding aspirants to acquire “a healthy body, a superior mind, and higher spiritual consciousness.”

In 1989, YogaLife Founder, Dr. Bob Butera trained daily at The Yoga Institute of Mumbai with his guru Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra while living at the Yoga Institute. He began teaching other people yoga while he was there and upon returning home he began teaching Classical Yoga philosophy and practices to householders in the United States. During this time he also completed a Ph.D. dissertation, A Comprehensive Yoga Lifestyle Program for People Living with HIV/AIDS that was inspired by the holistic programs at The Yoga Institute.