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Are you eager to commence your journey into yoga therapy? With our asynchronous digital learning format, the opportunity to begin your studies is at your fingertips—right now. The flexibility of asynchronous courses empowers you to delve into Foundational Yoga Therapy material at your own pace, providing a personalized and convenient learning experience.

The richness of yoga therapy knowledge awaits your exploration, allowing you to engage with the content whenever suits your schedule. Delve into foundational concepts and grasp yoga therapy principles as you prepare at your own pace with the 100 Hour Yoga Therapy Foundations Course, preparing you for the deep dive into the 800 Hour Comprehensive Yoga Therapy cohort that starts live online training in September 2024.

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Build Foundational Knowledge

• Dive into foundational concepts and get a head start absorbing the transformative wisdom of yoga therapy.

• Gain an understanding of the underlying practices and principles of yoga therapy.

Establish Supportive New Learning Routines

• Integrate the yoga therapy practices and principles into your daily life experience.

• Meet your mentor, ask questions and gain comfort with the program materials ahead of the live start date.

Ease Your Way Into the Knowledge Base

• Give yourself time and space to set intentions and sit with big ideas and experience new paradigms and processes.

• Identify learning styles and create habits to enhance your long-term program experience.

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with Program Director, Bob Butera, PhD

Yoga Therapy 100 Hour Foundations Courses

Comprised of four distinct courses, each meticulously crafted to guide you towards mastery, this program unravels the intricate tapestry of Yoga Therapy. From understanding the structure and mentorship that shapes your learning experience to delving into the nuanced distinctions between Yoga Therapy and Teaching, this 100 Hour course is your gateway to understanding Yoga Therapy. Prepare to unravel the layers of wisdom across 101, 201, 202, and 203 modules, as you start cultivating the skills you need to expertly guide others on their Yoga Therapy journey.

Intro to the Art and Science of Yoga Therapy

• 101 How the Course Works: Understand the somatic and yogic learning philosophies that underpin the course material. Explore the key elements shaping your learning experience. Learn about how progress is measured and how the mentoring process guides you towards mastery in the art of Yoga Therapy.

• 102 Beyond Asana: Navigating the Depths of Yoga Therapy versus Yoga Teaching: Delve into the nuanced distinctions between Yoga Therapy and Yoga Teaching. Gain clarity on how therapeutic practices extend beyond traditional teaching methods.

• 103 Teaching Private Yoga as a Gateway to Yoga Therapy: Uncover the pivotal role teaching private yoga sessions plays in transitioning to Yoga Therapy. Equip yourself with insights and strategies to guide individuals on their personalized therapeutic journey.

Listening as a Path to Enlightenment
Meditation in Theory and Practice
Ethical Living and Purposeful Action

Nourish Early Insight with Engaged Reading

the yoga life

Gain exclusive early access to the CYT Manual, a meticulously crafted resource designed to illuminate the intricacies of the program's teachings. By diving into the reading early on, students establish a solid big-picture view of Yoga Therapy.

Read The Yoga Life: Applying Comprehensive Yoga Therapy to all Areas of Your Life: Authored by Program Director Dr. Bob Butera and resident Neuroscientist Jen Hilbert, this book provides a roadmap for applying yoga therapy principles across various facets of life.

By engaging with these foundational texts early, students lay the groundwork for understanding of how yoga therapy principles can seamlessly integrate into every aspect of their lives. Early reading efforts not only establish a big-picture understanding, but also set the stage for a transformational learning experience.

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with Program Director, Bob Butera, PhD

100 to 800

Plant the Seeds of Learning Early

The 100 Hour Yoga Therapy Foundations course is a compass to guide you as you experience and live into the powerful teachings of Yoga Therapy.

You will emerge empowered and ready to use your new skills to deepen your knowledge base and applied understanding of Yoga Therapy in the 800 Hour Comprehensive Yoga Therapy live online cohort that starts in September 2024.

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Enroll now to sculpt your path towards enlightenment, deep connection, and the fulfillment of your life's purpose. Your journey to becoming a catalyst for healing and transformation begins with this 100-hour opportunity to dive into the art and science of Yoga Therapy.