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Flow State: Men's Surf & Yoga Retreat

with Bob Butera, Dan Rosenak & Bryan Gleason

Esterillos, Costa Rica, Feb 16-23, 2025

Join us for a journey of self-discovery and personal growth that will unlock your true potential.

Discover Your Flow State

This retreat goes beyond enhancing your surfing skills, mobility in yoga poses, and breathing techniques. By participating, you will make a lifelong investment in your personal growth. Our goal is to create an experience that empowers you to become the best version of yourself every day. We believe that a men's retreat provides the ideal environment and energy to undertake this challenging inner work.

Flow State is achieved when you are so deeply immersed in an activity that nothing else matters, allowing you to fully concentrate on the present moment. This heightened state of consciousness is what we aim for in activities like surfing, yoga, athletics, the arts, deep study, or work. By overcoming personal barriers during the retreat, you will learn to engage and sustain Flow State consciousness in everyday life, enhancing your work, relationships, and overall well-being.

Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle

To fully leverage this transformative experience, this will be a drug-free and alcohol-free retreat. We will practice simple living with healthy eating, nature immersion, and a routine of early to bed and early to rise. Achieving balanced health and mental clarity is essential for cultivating deeper self-understanding.

Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

To master Flow State, you need to master your life. This requires understanding your natural strengths and recognizing when you already enter this higher state of mind. It also involves identifying your weaknesses and personal obstacles so you can overcome the triggers that hold you back from achieving your highest self.

Know Thyself

A crucial aspect of this journey is understanding your natural personality type. Like your zodiac sign, it is neither good nor bad—it is simply you. By understanding how you approach life, you can leverage your strengths and address your weaknesses.

To aid in this self-discovery process, an online course on the '5 Paths of Yoga' is included with the retreat. Designed by Dr. Bob, this course simplifies and applies classical yoga wisdom to modern life. Complete the course before the retreat to deepen your understanding and enhance your experience.

Join Our Community

We will meet as a group on Tuesday, January 7, at 8 pm Eastern Time, after the holiday season. This initial meeting will allow us to connect, share personal goals, insights, and intentions, and develop a sense of accountability as we prepare for the retreat.

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Book Your Retreat Space Today

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The When - Daily Schedule

Things might get moved around a tiny bit here and there as needed for flow of the group experience and to accommodate the weather, but here is what you can expect as part of the daily retreat experience.

Flow State Retreat Schedule
February 16-23, 2025

Sunday, Feb 16
Arrive in San Jose/Airport Pick Up
Arrive at Surf Costa, Unpack, Swim and Settle In
4 PM Yoga Practice
5:30 – 6:30 PM Dinner at Surf Costa
6:30 – 8 PM: Sangha Opening Circle (Introductions, Talk on the meaning of a spiritual retreat, Intentions for the week, finish with a down-regulating relaxation oriented, ground and arrive in place practice)

Monday, Feb 17
6 am Surf
8-9 AM: Breakfast
9:30 AM – 12 PM: Personality Typing for Flow State & Yoga Practices
12 PM Lunch at Surf Costa
3 pm Wooster Speaks, His Surf Journey; peak experiences; why do you love it? Shaping wisdom.
5-7 PM Dinner ‘locals’ spot, Neustra Pueblo
7-8 PM: Sangha: Insights, Groupwork and Yin Practices

Tuesday, Feb 18
6 am Surf
8-9 AM: Breakfast
9:30 AM Integrating Personal Archetype, naming Power Archetype & Yoga Practice
Noon Lunch at Surf Costa
3 PM Backyard hike with Bryan showing all the local flora and fauna.
5:30-6:30 PM Dinner at Surf Costa, Fish Tacos
6:30-8 PM: Sangha: Pratyahara into Meditation, Seated Meditation Practices

Wednesday, Feb 19
6 am Surf
8-9 AM: Breakfast
9:30-12 Yoga Chat and Practice
12 PM Lunch
4-7 PM Dinner in Jaco, ½ Sushi Night or other spots

Thursday, Feb 20
6 am Surf
8-9 AM: Breakfast
9:30 AM – 12 PM: Sangha: Intuition, Deep Listening with Awareness
12 PM Lunch
$45 per person: Boat ride where you see monkeys and wildlife in Capos. Bryan highly recommends this. Trip takes 3 to 4 hours.
6 pm Dinner at Surf Costa: Costa Rica Typico Casados

Friday, Feb 21

6 am Surf
8-9 AM: Breakfast
8:30-11:30 Personal Practice and Meditation
12 PM Lunch
2-6 PM: $10 per person: Waterfall walk and swim. 2 to 3 hours
6 PM Dinner at Surf Costa, Fish Tacos

Saturday, Feb 22
6 am Surf
8-9 AM: Breakfast
9:30 AM – 12 PM: Sangha: Integrating the Retreat Experience into Daily Life + Yoga Practice
1-2 PM Lunch
3-5 pm Sangha: Closing Circle
5 Sunset at Esterillos Oeste
6-8 PM Dinner at Los Almendros Restaurant

Sunday, Feb 23
630-745 AM Rise and Shine Yoga
8-9 AM Breakfast

Book Your Retreat Space Today

Book Your Retreat Space Today

The Where - Surf Costa Retreat Center

Retreat Pricing and Booking Options

Shared Room $2900 (per person)
Single Room $3200 (limited space available)

Cost of the Retreat Includes
- Airport transfers
- Transportation to all excursions, including a boat tour, waterfall hike, surfing spots, local tour guide, yoga teachings and classes
- Daily Meals (with the exception of 3 dinners out on the town)

Please Note
- Airfare is not included. Must book separately. When you book your flight, you will need to send us your flight info (airline company, date and arrival time) to help us coordinate efforts.

Some folks might want to arrive ahead of time or stay after to explore the country further. If that is the case, you may need to make your own transport arrangements to get to Surf Costa.

Book Your Retreat Space Today

Book Your Retreat Space Today

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Make the Most of Your Flow State Experience

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Ancient Yoga wisdom reminds us that we must be in good health to make spiritual progress. You will need to prepare yourself in mind and body to maximize this experience. We suggest using this retreat as a mind-body fitness motivator. Here are a few tips:

1. Have a Free 30 minute meeting with Bob or Dan to get feedback on your fitness routine in preparation for the retreat.
2. Start exploring Meditation and see what works/doesn’t work for you.
3. Begin, restart or deepen your Yoga practice. Discuss this with us if you are new to Yoga so we can ensure the type of classes/practice is a good fit for you.
4. Ramp up your fitness training.
5. Complete the 5 Paths Online Course
6. Make a list of your goals.
7. Begin keeping a journal to document insights and landmarks along your journey.
8. Complete self-assessments.
9. Perform an inventory of positive beliefs and habits AND limiting beliefs and habits:
(Common ‘limiting habits’ to consider)
-Excessive Social Media use/screen/TV time.
-Junk foods, drugs and alcohol.
-Late nights/dysregulated sleep
-Any other habits that weaken your body-mind health system.

Your Guides

Bob Butera Headshot Cropped 2024

Bob Butera, PhD, C-IAYT

Screen Shot 2024-05-27 at 6.40.12 PM

Dan Rosenak, MEd, RYT500

Screen Shot 2024-05-27 at 6.43.24 PM

Bryan Gleason, Owner, Surf Costa

Refund Policy and Travel Requirements

As of April 2022, Costa Rica no longer requires vaccination, a QR code, or the purchase of a health insurance policy to enter the country.

There are no refunds for this event. We recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover the costs in the event of an emergency. We recommend Trawick International https://www.trawickinternational.com/