New Cohort Starts January, 20th 2021

If you are a dedicated Yoga student who has fallen in love with the Yoga Lifestyle, and wants to explore it more deeply for your self and with others, this program is for you!

Our next 200 Yoga Teacher Training is scheduled to run online from January - May, 2021. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about the details of the training.


  • Open Enrollment, Start Anytime
  • In-Depth Learning with World Class Teachers
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Practical Yoga Philosophy
  • Applied Yoga Lifestyle Skills
  • Self Regulation & Relaxation
  • Physical, Emotional & Energetic Anatomy
  • Adaptable Teaching Skills
  • The Art of Teaching Yoga Classes Online
  • Monthly Training & Teaching Practicums 
  • Online Weekend Intensives
  • Unlimited Access to Weekly Yoga Classes 


"There are many who are merely Hatha Yogis (psycho-physical yoga) without the knowledge of meditation. I think them to be simply practitioners who do not get the fruit of their efforts." - Hatha Yoga Pradipika: IV, 79

The YogaLife Institute is commissioned by The Yoga Institute of Bombay, India to train instructors and promote a unique system of teaching and Yoga philosophy. While there are interpretations of Yoga Philosophy to suit a Western culture, the essential tenets remain constant. YogaLife teacher's training program has been approved by the Yoga Institute of Bombay, India and is registered with the Yoga Alliance in the United States.

The YogaLife training program connects Yogic concepts to daily living so that you can be at your best through the stresses and challenges of modern life. The language, concepts and applications are clear and accessible to beginner and advanced students alike. Yoga is a theory-practice continuum. Theory remains gray without practice, and to help students practice meaningfully, we teach the theory behind what we are doing - not merely anatomy and physiology but also the spiritual-philosophical underpinnings of Yoga.


Our goal is to help guide you to learn the skills necessary to practice yoga completely and teach yoga effectively. The process of becoming a Yoga teacher is a personal journey, not to be entered into lightly. It requires a desire for introspection and inquiry. As you use the teachings of Yoga to better understand yourself, you begin to realize the teachings in daily life. A personal relationship and experience of Yoga are essential components of a realized practices that can be authentically shared with others.

In this program you will learn how to develop a daily yoga practice along with teaching skills. Teaching is not required for participation in the program, many people join just for their own personal development, but most do go on to teach or share yoga in some capacity with others.

Contact us today for more information about the program requirements.


  • Brief letter of intent, describing Yoga background and aspirations
  • Consultation with the program Director, Bob Butera (phone or in-person)




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