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Personal Growth & Professional Foundations

Level I of the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program at YogaLife Institute focuses on real-life applications of foundational yogic principles and tools to assist clients in more realistically managing their stress points and living better, more wholesome lives. Using the classical yoga lineage designed for modern householder life, trainees will learn means of empowering those they work with toward Self-realization as a path to wellness. But the focus of this training is not solely on skills for working with others, the mastery of these techniques starts first with the application in the trainees’ own lives. Additionally, students will learn and develop essential tools for self-care of the therapist, ensuring that their inner balance is maintained so as to be the most effective guide for others.

In addition to the formal structure of the course as described below to facilitate learning, a big piece of students’ growth is in the interaction with their peers. This program encourages active listening and sharing, not from the advice perspective, but from the communal benefit of hearing different perspectives and experiences. This program takes pride in the fact that essentially every moment from the first is a learning opportunity – a vision we encourage in those that we work with as clients as well!

In-depth topics of study offered in Level I of the training (and advanced/mastered in Levels II and III) include:

• Yogic assessment tools for lifestyle coaching
• Stress management as preventative care
• Models for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing
• Practical yoga psychology
• Tools for cultivating healthy relationships (of all types)
• Functional anatomy, systems of the body, and applied practices
• Yogic principles of navigating home and work life
• Networking, boundaries, and professional ethics
• Personal mentoring and peer support

Upon graduation of Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Level I, students will have achieved 310 hours of training. Graduates are encouraged to pursue Levels 1, 2 & 3 of the program. Upon doing do, they will be eligible to register as a certified yoga therapist with International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Hours in this course are broken down as follows:

Total Hours: 310
Contact Hours: 250
Non-Contact Hours: 60

• Contact hours for Level I of the training take the form of in class, intensive weekend trainings, mid-monthly senior faculty directed group review sessions, one-on-one senior faculty mentoring through case study work, and focused study projects.
• Non-contact hours are comprised of monthly case study yoga therapy sessions (practicum) as well as group practice within and outside of the classroom environment.

**A formal syllabus is provided at the first meeting of the training outlining all of the specifics and requirements built into these hour designations.

Course Pre-Requisites:

200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training, Entrance Evaluation, Interview with the Director & Bridge Program Reading/Writing Assignments (as needed).

Note: Bridge Courses will be offered as needed.

Course Logistics:

Space is limited, Contact us today for a Free Program Consultation. Call 610.688.7030 or email: [email protected] for more information. During your program consultation we will be happy to offer specific details around how the study/time allocations will work.


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