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Level Two Training - Practice & Grow

Embodied Knowledge & Applied Skills

Level II of the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program at YogaLife Institute continues to expound upon the foundational concepts, understanding, and experience from Level I. The primary focus of Level II is to use the stress management and lifestyle integration tools and tailor them around a client’s particular “disease” state. We are not going after the disease, rather understanding our clients’ pain around that particular condition – in essence helping them to become not a “patient of disease” but a “student of health”. A foundational understanding of the disease conditions and a deeper level of kinesiological knowledge are required and make up a large portion of this level of training, but as the intention is ever to the individual needs of each unique person, the application of inquiry and intervention are deeply ingrained in these topics.

YogaLife’s Comprehensive Yoga Therapy format is non-linear, and while Level I is offered yearly, Levels II and III alternate year to year. As such, graduates of Level I need not wait for Level II to be offered again if they graduated in the same year as Level II is run. Graduates of the Level I program are qualified and eligible to take either Level II or III, in either order. We view these two branches of the program as parallels – one directing focus towards disease-specific stress management and lifestyle, while the other honing in on particular applications of yogic study. Each is equally important and while supported by the other is not immediately required by it. This makes your process flexible and suitable to your needs and life demands!

Some of the topics explored in Level II of the training (in addition to skills expanded upon from Level I):

• Physiology and psychology of stress and mental afflictions
• Yogic philosophy and psychology of stress and resistances
• Understanding embodied emotions in relationship to heart distress
• Applications of pranayama and mental focus to breathing disorders
• Tools of coping and resiliency for managing chronic illness
• Yogic perspectives on life changes and aging
• Introduction to other movement paradigms to complement and balance a yoga practice

Upon graduation of Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Level II, students will have achieved approximately 580 of the 820 hour requirement set by the IAYT standards. Students need not complete Level II before pursuing the focused study of Level III but are encouraged and eligible to enroll for the last level of training.

Hours in this course are broken down as follows:

Total Hours: 270
Contact Hours: 220
Non-Contact Hours: 50
• Contact hours for Level II of the training take the form of in class, intensive weekend trainings, one-on-one senior faculty mentoring through case study work, peer mentoring networks (where trainees take roles as both the mentor and mentee), directed group study projects, and independent study projects with presentation.

• Non-contact hours are comprised of monthly case study yoga therapy sessions (practicum) as well as group presentations throughout the course.

**A formal syllabus is provided at the first meeting of the training outlining all of the specifics and requirements built into these hour designations.