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Praise for Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Program

Graduates from the Yogalife Institute in Wayne, PA

“The Comprehensive Yoga Therapy training at YogaLife is simply amazing. It changed everything from how I handle stress, to nutrition, and had a huge impact on my teaching. I really appreciated all of the knowledge and mentorship offered by Dr. Butera and the supporting staff. I highly recommend this program to Yoga teachers who are looking to evolve their teaching skills and work with people in a therapeutic environment.” - Sue D.

"The Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program is an in depth examination of the body-mind connection, and over the time it takes to complete the course, one learns to view the whole person through the lenses of yoga psychology, theory, anatomy, and practices. If you allow it, you are empowered to view yourself through these lenses as well and deepen your knowledge of self in order to serve others more fully. In addition, since you get to hang with a bunch of yoga folk, it is also a lot of fun!" - Mary N.

“I am SUPER EXCITED about being a new yoga therapist, offering this wonderful tool to others and developing it my professional practice! I want to thank you (Bob), Kristen and all of the people who support YogaLife and it’s training programs. Comprehensive Yoga Therapy is such a unique offering - one that is so close to your heart and this preciousness could be felt and understood by all of us. It was a great experience for me to learn and develop these skills of wisdom, and I truly appreciate all the hard work and organization that was into the put into program to make it what it is!” - Stephanie C.

“The Comprehensive Yoga Therapy training was a fantastic experience for many reasons, especially learning from such a cool variety of holistic professionals who shared their knowledge with the group. Yoga therapy is a service that will be of great value to the world, and I feel that program has been given all the tools I need to excel at it. I am truly grateful for the entire learning experience.” - Marybeth L.

“Going through the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy training made me realize how much more there is to Yoga Therapy than I had originally anticipated. Bob Butera and the Yoga Life Institute faculty bring all aspects of Yoga into Yoga Therapy, and upon graduation the graduates are ready to carry that vision into the world. Yoga Therapy, as taught at the Yoga Life Institute, can make a significant impact on the future of health care in the US and the world”. - Steve G.

And More!

"I have attended a lot of Yoga trainings (probably two to three per year) over the last 10 years. The CYT training has been the most organized, clearest and enlightened course that I have ever participated in."

"The CYT training has been the most enlightening Yoga course that I have ever experienced. As always, the YogaLife team is of a high quality, full of kindness and caring and offering tremendous insight & knowledge."

"As a Physical Therapist, I have found that the spiritual piece of the healing process is often overlooked. This course has made my personal practice feel whole and helped me feel more in touch with my self, others and the divine. The simplicity and clarity of the CYT teachings are very powerful and clear. I am so grateful for this program and the learning opportunities it has provided."

"Comprehensive Yoga Therapy has given me a name for what I do naturally as a certified YogaLife Instructor. Now I have a structured approach that gives me the confidence to follow my heart and work with people one on one. I am looking forward to reaching more people and feel that I am a much better Yoga Instructor for having taken this course."