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Meet Your Personal Health Goals

What is Comprehensive Yoga Therapy?

A Unique & Empowering Lifestyle Approach to Health and Healing

Comprehensive Yoga Therapy (CYT) works as a supplemental healing modality for a variety of health challenges. CYT clients are empowered to become students of their own health in a safe and guided environment. Decreased stress and improved quality of life are the primary objectives.

Yoga Therapy goes beyond the temporary effects of a weekly yoga class. In addition to stress reduction, clients will examine lifestyle factors that contribute to their conditions. This follows the guidelines that clients may not be able to be “cured” in some cases, but they can minimize the degree of mental, emotional, and physical suffering associated with their health challenges.

Stress Management for Improved Quality of Life

Yoga Therapy defines stress as an adverse reaction to a real situation. Stress has been proven to be a common contributor to a variety of modern disease conditions. Yoga Therapy offers a variety of tools to address clients’ unique pain points, and your Yoga Therapist will create personalized practice plans to meet your individual needs.

• Deep Breathing
• Yoga Postures
• Exercise Routines
• Relaxation
• Meditation
• Mindful Eating
• Pain Management
• Lifestyle Coaching
• Emotional Regulation
• Healthy Relationships

What to Expect

The initial sessions will be information gathering and intention setting to build rapport and have a direction for growth.

Communication with clients around their current medical treatment and health practitioner network will be established early on to inform the Yoga Therapist and guide them towards making connections with this network.

It is important to know that the approach is custom-fit to the client. Typically six to eight sessions constitute the beginning program; with sessions scheduled at one to two week intervals at the onset and then tailored to individual needs and scheduling considerations.

Conditions Supported by Comprehensive Yoga Therapy

• Asthma and Other Respiratory Ailments
• Heart Disease
• Cancer Quality of Life
• Digestive Disorders
• Depression and Anxiety
• ADD and ADHD
• Insomnia and Sleep Issues
• Addiction and Recovery
• Pain Management and Injury Recovery
• Healthy Weight Management
• Eating and Body Image Disorders
• Women’s Health Issues
• Energy Imbalances
• Stress Management
• Grief and Loss
• Healthy Aging
• Healthy Relationships
• Healthy Parenting and Family Life
• Work-Life Balance

All of the Yoga Therapists practicing at YogaLife are graduates of the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training Program who offer a wide range of expertise and specializations in the field. We will match you with the Yoga Therapist best suited to address your individual needs. Call us 610.688.7030 or email us at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.